Tyler from CBD for AthleticsHey I’m Tyler, the founder of this website.

First off, thanks so much for visiting.

I hope you find something useful on this site.

Here I want to briefly talk a bit about myself, and how this website got started.

My Health and Fitness Background

I have always been an “amateur” athlete.

I’ve played on various sports teams my whole life, but was never serious about competition.

For me it was more about having fun, rather than winning. I’m not very competitive in sports and I’ve learned that I really can’t change that. That’s just who I am.

But I’ve certainly been passionate about fitness and staying in shape. So I guess I’m competitive with myself and my own goals, just not within a team.

I’ve basically been working out since high school.

I’ve tried all the bodybuilding supplements on the market, and I actually even competed in an amateur bodybuilding competition.

Tyler doing bodybuilding and muay thai

I also spent a few months doing Muay Thai in Thailand.

That was an amazing experience, and workout! I gained a whole new level of respect for mixed martial artists. The amount of endurance required to compete at a high level is mind blowing.

Over the years I’ve tested various diets, and currently find a low carb diet with intermittent fasting works the best for me. I feel and look the best by far on this diet.

Tyler at orange theoryAnd as I got into my 30s, I realized that a good mix of endurance and weigh training is what I like best.

So rather than focusing entirely on bodybuilding with zero cardio, my wife and I go to a gym called Orange Theory and we love it.

You get an intense hour long workout and you don’t need to even think. Just show up and get in shape. It works great.

How I Found CBD

I came across CBD a few years ago.

I was searching for a way to help my dad.

He was suffering from knee pain. I tried all the conventional anti-inflammatories and OTC pain killers and none of them seemed to help.

Then I stumbled on to CBD. I believe I saw a YouTube video about the benefits of CBD for seizures, and was immediately hooked on researching this topic.

It wasn’t long before I discovered various websites such as Project CBD and others. I started to get obsessed with learning about CBD and all the various studies and benefits.

It turns out that CBD is an amazing anti-inflammatory and pain killer. So we started my dad on it and the results were great!

It helped is knee pain a lot, and it also starting helping him sleep way better. My mom reported that after a few months he wasn’t complaining about this knee, and he wasn’t waking her up at 5 am anymore!

It has improved his sleep, and it has also enhanced his overall mood. He’s less irritable and overall much more pleasant.

Focusing on CBD for the Athlete

After witnessing the great results my dad was experiencing, I started to read up on so many other success stories.

I began researching more and more about CBD, and decided to test it on myself.

At the time, there wasn’t much information about the benefits of CBD for athletic purposes. But as I read through study after study, it became clear that the benefits of CBD can totally be experienced by athletes.

Through further research and from personally using CBD, I discovered that as an athlete, CBD can do many great things such as:

  • Improve your sleep for quicker recovery times.
  • Reduce inflammation from sports injuries.
  • Supply pain relief from delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Lower game day stress for better performance.

and much more…

And it does this without unwanted side effects.

I research and cover all these topics in the blog which I suggest you look through for more detailed information.

After personally seeing great results, I decided it was time to start sharing all my knowledge and experiences. And this is how CBD for Atheltics came to be.

Connect With Me

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